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We Help You Build Effective Customer Relationships!


Our vision is to guide businesses to a state where they can have and maintain better conversations with their audience for a lasting relationship; we lead businesses to understand and act on each customer's lifetime value.

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Maryse Kiese is Androgyne Communications’ CEO and founder. She is a goal-oriented hardworking individual with a strong work ethic. Maryse is a Canadian with roots from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; she was born in the DR Congo. 


Androgyne Communications' founder is a young professional woman who enjoys giving back to, primarily, the societies that have given her life and a chance to life: the DR Congo and Canada. She does this through philanthropic activities made possible through her consulting contracts enabled by Androgyne Communications.


Why chose the term Androgyne? It appeals to and taps into feminine and masculine communication preferences. We believe that the conversations you hold with your customers should take into account the diversity of preferences that take place in the world. We take a design thinking approach to connect communications solutions to our partners' business objectives.



Androgyne Comms  offers consulting services in:


Integrated Communication Strategy


Digital Communication Strategy



Marketing Research and Polling



Mix Marketing

Assisting companies to developed strategies to establish long lasting relationships with their audience is an activity that I enjoying doing. I work with my business partners every step of the way to ensure that their vision is actualized."

- Maryse Kiese

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