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About Androgyne Comms

The why!

We provide highly qualified professional services that range from communications marketing to market research; we want you to succeed at achieving your business objectives.


Ultimately, our objective is to generate profits for the purpose of providing mental health support to those of us who need it the most. We do this via our Mental Health - Giving Back Program.


We aim to assist two groups of individuals with our Mental Health - Giving Back Program

Our first group of beneficiaries 

The most vulnerable members of our societies, those who have encountered traumatic life experiences. We are thinking of domestic violence survivors living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Our second group of beneficiaries

Members of our societies who have fallen ill due to their excessive presence in the digital sphere (e.g., the Metaverse). We recognize that, while social networks fulfill psychological health safety (physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and actualization (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)), they can also cause mental health problems when used excessively. 

Classmates in Library


Maryse_3682_PhotobyLindseyGibeau copy.jpg

 Maryse Kiese is a goal-oriented hardworking individual with a strong work ethic. Working with Androgyne Communications is a guarantee that you will meet the agreed upon business objectives.

Maryse brings with her years of experience and a variety of educational backgrounds. 


Studied Academic Programs:

  1. Certificate in Marketing Management

  2. Certificate in International Business

  3. Certificate in Enterprise Architecture

  4. Certificate  in Cyber Security Management

  5. Computer Science

  6. Master of Arts in Digital Humanities 

  7. Master of Library & Information Studies

  8. Bachelor of Arts (Major History, Minor Religious Studies)

  9. Bachelor of Humanities (Honours - Philosophy, History of Ideas)

  10. College Diploma in Arts and Lettres (Cinema et Communication)

Business Calendar 

We Are Always Open for Business!

Contact us at for additional information.

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