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Marketing Research and Polling

We gather and analyze data for a predetermined target market (i.e., a group of consumers) based on many dimensions. Throughout the course of the project, we will provide advice and support on how you can obtain the desired data in order to make strategic decisions for your enterprise.

Mix Marketing

At the core of our Mix Marketing service is the understanding of the behaviors of your target population. With this service, we will look at a new or existing product or service that you want to introduce or reintroduce to an existing or new market. We will help you identify how your customers think or act and in what way they do it. This preliminary step will help us produce the data required for you to make business decisions regarding the price, product, promotion, and placement of your offer to the market.

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Communication Strategies

Communication in the Event of a Crisis

We will work with you to define all the cause(s) that allowed a crisis to emerge within your organization. We will analyze your data and every event that participated in the emergence of the chaotic situation. Following these activities, together we will establish a crisis exit plan.

Rebranding and Positioning Strategy

We offer the service of reviewing your corporate brand and positioning with the perspective of moving them where you want them to be located on the conceptual map of similar brands; whether you have a new or an existing company, your corporate brand and positioning are what guarantee your enterprise’s annual sales.

Integrated Communication Strategy

As a business, you communicate with your audience or target market many times a day or a week, and this through multiple channels. We will work with you to understand your business objectives and how they align with your current communication strategy. Following this activity, we will propose an integrated communication strategy tailored to your needs.

Digital Communication Strategy

In some cases, like in a pandemic period, digital channels are the only effective ways to reach your target audience. Our team will work with your company to understand your known and unknown communications needs. Following this, a digital communication strategy tailored to the current digital economy will be crafted for your company in order to help you maximize your return on investment.

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Corporate Partners, Companies We Worked With

Every year, our list of corporate clients grows.

Below, you will find Androgyne Communications’ corporate clients as they grow over the years.

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